What Rugs are in Style in 2022?

In 2022 rugs will be a part of your life, every house needs a rug otherwise it'll feel like something is missing. When using colourful interiors, furnishings and rugs are equally important. The most difficult part is choosing from the many options available and deciding which one fits best with your personal design style.

There are so many beautiful rugs on the market right now, it can be hard to find your next rug. Today, many areas of the house are seeing a return to classic designs and colour palettes that are both elegant and understated. From dark tones to neutral and everything in between, adore rugs & flooring have all different styles of rugs to suit your taste and needs.

In 2022, we are also seeing a lot more neutral rugs with simple tones, with colours including grey rugs, beige rugs and cream rugs. We are also seeing practicality opted in for more with our machine washable rugs, some people would rather a rug that is practical which our machine washable rugs are perfect for. They have nice designs and are easy to maintain when you can simply put them in a washing machine when they become dirty.

Rugs are no longer for the foyer, living room or hallway; now your favourite entryway, den, kitchen or kids' playroom can be updated with area rugs in playful patterns or bright solid colours. Our unique collections features designs that make a statement in any room.