carpet vs hard floor

When building or renovating a home, many people will have to decide whether they want carpet online or hard floors (such as floorboards and tiles) for each room.

There are many factors that come into play when making a choice between hard floors and carpet. Firstly, climate may influence what is best suited to your home. If you live in a predominantly hot region, floorboards may be more effective at keeping your home cool. A rug on top of the floorboards can still provide the comfort you need. In colder climates, carpet is a more popular solution as it helps to contain warmth inside a room.

Secondly, your budget may help you to make a decision between floorboards and carpet. All types of flooring are priced differently, so it’s important that you speak with your flooring suppliers to find an option that will suit your budget.

Many home stylers will alter between carpet and hard floors throughout the home. For example, carpet may provide more comfort in the bedrooms, whereas tiles will offer more climate control in the living areas. Alternatively, if you are looking to style an outdoor patio or veranda space, you will most likely need decking with an outdoor rug rather than carpet. Carpet may become too dirty and difficult to maintain in an outdoor environment, whereas rugs and hardwood are easier to clean (and outdoor rugs are often flatweave-designed to restrict any build-up of dirt).

On the topic of cleaning, both carpet and hard flooring require maintenance to ensure they look clean and appealing in your home. You should seek advice from your flooring experts to know the safest and most effective way to clean your rug Australia, tiles and floorboards Australia, or designer rugs Sydney

To summarise, some of the key benefits of hard floors Australia include:

  • Keep your house cooler
  • Easy to clean with standard mop and floor cleaners
  • Easy to style with a rug of your choice
  • Arguably more cost effective, depending on the price of your carpet options
  • Can create a very luxurious and stylish vibe

While some of the major benefits of carpet Australia include:

  • Optimal comfort throughout the room/house
  • Great for families with young children who spend time on the floor
  • Can provide warmth and insulation
  • Easy to style with a rug of your choice
  • Unlikely to go ‘out of style’

When selecting rugs to further style carpet or hard floors, your chosen type of flooring might help influence the type of rug you purchase. For tiles and timber flooring, you may need an anti-slip rug to ensure it retains its grip on the surface. Regardless of floor type, if you live in a warmer climate, thinner rugs may be more appropriate than shaggy rugs, as they will help to keep your rooms cooler.

Truthfully, there is no right or wrong answer to whether carpet or floorboards will suit your home best. It depends on your specific interior design budget, personal taste and what you want to achieve from your room. If you’d like tailored advice for the styling of your home,  you can visit our Instagram or Facebook page for more updates. We specialise in flooring installation, rugs online, kids rugsoutdoor rugs, and modern rugs in Sydney.