Your Guide on Choosing the Perfect Rug Colour for Your Home

Choosing the correct rug colour for your living room is a difficult task,  do you match with the sofa? Do you contrast with the sofa? Should you go lighter or darker than the colour of the floor? Would a grey and gold rug fit in your theme? There are many things to ask yourself before making a purchase and it can seem a little daunting but don't worry we're here to help! 

There is so much you can do with colour. You are able to use a wide range of them to create warm and inviting spaces in your home. You can use different shades of the same colour to make it feel more cohesive. This can definitely work great in an open floor plan but if you're working with walls and furniture, adding different coloured accents can help pick up other colours within the household.

Of course there is many ways to navigate around colour however we've curated a list of different colours and colour palettes below that work well with one another to help you transform your home.

I Have a Grey Sofa, What Rug Colour Should I Choose?

Because grey is one of the most popular colours in living rooms, it's no surprise that it will eventually make an appearance at your feet. It offers a calming way to dress up a room or cover up an unsightly floor. If you are working with primarily grey tones throughout the home there is a wide variety of rug colours that you can introduce.

The safest option if you have a grey couch is... a grey rug! Yes I know what you're already thinking "I already have grey couches won't this be too much grey?" Not necessarily, in fact if done right grey lounges work best with grey rugs. A great example of this is the photo below with our Trendy 401 Silver being displayed, as you can see the set-up of the room matches quite well with a grey rug. However, keep in mind that you should be using a rug that has a different shade of grey to create a small contrast. 

P.s Grey rugs also work well with beige, black and white couches! Our grey rugs come in all different styles that will suit any living space.


grey rug with grey couch

If you are sick of all the grey in your space and find introducing a grey rug will make things dull and boring then you're in luck! Grey sofas work well with a variety of different colours. Blue, red, green or yellow rugs work well with a grey sofa 

colourful rug

What About a Cream Couch?

If you want to create a neutral look for your space and make your cream coloured furniture really blend in, consider a cream rug that's the same colour as or close to the couch. This will create a nice theme to the room if you find that incorporating too many colours in one room overbearing. However, creating a contrast with your cream couch can also work in your favour, for this you can consider white rugs, grey rugs, brown rugs and beige rugs

cream couch cream rug

What if I Have Black Couches?

White rugs, grey rugs, cream rugs and even black rugs can work well with a black couch. Keep in mind however, when putting a black rug with a black couch it can make the area look smaller. White rugs, grey rugs and cream rugs will give you a contrast if that’s what you’re after.

Choosing the right rug colour can be a really tough choice, but ultimately it comes down to your personal preference and the rest of your decor. As far as colours go, keep in mind that many high quality rugs today come in many different colours. Don’t worry if you choose a rug online that you don’t end up liking in your home you can exchange them with us!