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A room is not complete without a beautiful rug. Rugs brighten up our rooms and create an air of liveliness. They give us warmth and comfort while walking. Not only do they increase the look of our home aesthetically, but they are also beneficial for our health. Rugs act as a carpet and filter the air for dust and airborne pollution to ensure better indoor air quality.

Today we are living in the 21st century; the busiest era that was ever seen by humankind. People have so many activities on their checklists and hectic daily routines that they can't get enough time to drive downtown and spend three to four hours to buy a rug. It is mostly the women who feel the necessity to decorate the house, and it can be quite challenging to persuade husbands to free up their schedule for shopping.


These days life is convenient with the internet and online shopping stuff. All you need to do is to check an online store and choose the rug that best complements with your interior. And here you go. In no time, the delivery men would show up and not only deliver you the rug, but in case of good stores, they are even responsible for placing it in the desired location.

But do you know that buying rugs for your rooms or carpet online for spaces can be extremely challenging? Since it is a visual and tactile product and one also has to sync it with his interior furniture and wallpaper/paint, being very careful while selecting your desired rug is advised.

Here is how you can buy the best rugs online: -

The Location

The first thing you need to do is to find out where do you want to place your rug. Once you have a clear mindset regarding the site for the rug, you can easily visualise how well a particular rug would look at that specific place. Having a place in mind will also help in determining the required size of the rug, which brings us to our next point. For example designer rugs Sydney will represent best designer rug store providers.


The size of your rug should be one of the significant factors before selecting one on account of its beauty. You need to be sure of the size of your room or gallery where you want to spread it. Large rooms with relatively small rugs and mats do not reflect a good taste in house decoration. Similarly, small rooms with way large rugs won't get any appreciation. The overall sizes of rugs and rooms should be compatible. In the case of hallways, the rugs are supposed to be equidistant from either side. You can always use more than one rug for your room as per suitability.


The next thing you should focus on is the material of the rug. We use different materials for different places. For example, you should prefer Silk rugs in bedrooms as they are so delicate, Shiny, and luxurious. It becomes pretty hard to use them in high traffic areas.

Herald the winters with your new woollen rugs. Woollen rugs are utilised near fireplaces or other places where people like to lie down on the floor. They are highly comfortable, soft, and cozy. They keep the body warm. So, if you live at a place which holds a cold temperature, then woollen rugs are your new friends.

Cotton is a relatively cost-friendly material. It is easier to wash. But it happens to be less durable than the woollen rug.

Another inexpensive and durable rug material is synthetic fibre. It is also convenient to clean, and it has a whole lot of design variety and colours etc.

Jute rugs are known to be better weather resistant. They are incredibly durable and affordable, but you won’t find them warm and cozy. It is a rough material and is often used outdoors. So, if you live in areas having summer with stormy weather, you may go with a jute rug.

Interior of Home
Although it is quite essential to choose a outdoor rug or indoor rug which matches your favourite colour to satisfy your aesthetic sense, it is also critical to check the compatibility of rug with the already state of the room. For example, consider the colour of rugs in accordance with the shades of the wallpaper and lights of your room.

Pile of the Rug
Talking about comfort, the PILE of the rug is considered one of the significant factors. Pile means “the length of the fibres of the Rug.” Rug with greater fibre length is called high pile rugs and vice versa. The high pile is very soft and comfortable while the one with low pile is easy to clean.

Line Count
The number of stitches per square inches is called its line count. Rugs with greater line count have greater quality. On average, Good quality rugs hold 400-1000 knots per square inch. expensive Handmade rugs are known to offer up to 5000 knots.

Needle Count
The number of loops of fibres that make up a rug is called its needle count. Higher needle count means denser the needle count and vice versa.

Things to Confirm

Here are some of the key attributes you should confirm while buying your beautiful rug online. Make sure your home is in distribution zone. Sometimes people choose their dream rug and end up receiving the notification that the service providers do not facilitate in their particular area.

Check the prices in accordance with addition of the shipping prices. Also, it is quite possible that your online store has a partnership with a particular credit card or debit card, and maybe they are giving 10%-20% discount if you purchase with that specific company’s credit card. Always remember to read the terms and conditions once before placing the order. Not all of it, but you must know main things because just in case.


Different websites and online stores have a vast variety of products. While surfing through product description and images, some people place the order just by looking at the beautiful designs or bright, glamorous looks of the rug, and it is a natural behaviour. We tend to rush towards attractive things. But instead of getting attracted by stunning colours, you should research thoroughly not only the product but also the website and the service provider first. It's better to contact them and confirm the size, material, and pile of the rug before placing your order.

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