What Are The Best Rugs For Summer?

Christmas is only a few weeks away, kids are impatiently seeing out the final days of school, and your t-shirt and thongs are making their annual appearance from the dark corners of the closet. You know what this all means… Summer is finally here!

The warmer and more pleasant weather means it’s the perfect time of year to have dinner parties and social gatherings in your home. As it’s also the holiday period, you are likely to be spending more time in your house while you take a break from work. Some of us (who don’t enjoy the hotter temperatures) will also be finding any excuse to stay indoors and escape the Summer sun.

As with every change in season, it makes sense that now is the ideal time to shop for rugs online, refresh the rugs throughout your home and embrace in-style season-appropriate rugs throughout your humble abode. Whether you love Summer or dread it, we have a wide range of rugs Australia that can ensure your home is ready for a heatwave. Below are our top three Summer rugs for this season, as recommended by the team at Australia’s best online rug store.

  1. Silver/grey/white rugs.

Soft silver colours embody a sense of coolness, comfort, and luxury, which will make the perfect addition to your living room or lounge room this Summer.

  1. Cartoon Kid’s Rugs.

No kid’s room is complete without an adorable rug featuring a cartoonish print. When selecting kid’s rugs for Summer, choose thin textured rugs rather than shaggy rugs, as this will keep their bedroom or play space cooler rather than hotter. Lighter colours (perhaps baby pink or baby blue) will also help to keep the floor temperature lower.

  1. Geometric Rugs.

Triangular patterns and symmetrical designs (similar to what you might find on a bikini or some boardshorts) can make a simple statement in your home, and they are a fun design to suit the hot Summer months. Our machine washable (peri) range is particularly good this time of year, as the collection boasts lightweight material, soft textures, anti-slip backing, and ability to be safely cleaned in a household washing machine. The Peri 111 Ivory Machine Washable Rug is currently on sale in store & Online.

Don’t Forget to Buy Rugs for the Outdoors!

When planning possible renovations and projects to refresh the interior design of a home, many people forget about their outdoor areas and patio space. At Adore Rugs, we believe that this area within your property deserves the most amount of attention – especially leading into Summer.

As the weather heats up, you are more likely to spend time in your backyard, either around the pool or BBQ, soaking up the sunshine. To make the most of your outdoor area and create a space that is welcoming, stylish and dynamic, you should consider purchasing an outdoor flatweave rug variety, power loomed with sisal-look and jute backing.

Outdoor rugs can add character and flair to a patio/poolside area, while also being a practical and logical addition to enable top comfort and stop dirty footprints making their way across your patio. When selecting your outdoor rug, consider rustic styles and colours, as these are the most popular rugs and best rugs Australia for the New Year.

To browse more of the best luxury rugs, modern rugs and outdoor rugs, browse through our online rug store at Adore Rugs. Don’t hold back this Summer – transform your home with a high-quality Australian rug to maximise comfort and enjoyment!