Choosing The Right Rug

A high-quality rug can entirely transform the aesthetic and style of a room. That’s why it’s important that you strategically select a rug that can achieve a desirable look and feel. Every household is different, so there will never be a perfect one-size-fits-all rug to suit every home owner in the country, but as your expert rug specialists, the team at  are confident the following tips can be helpful for anybody looking to purchase a rug online Australia.


  1. Purchase Rugs That are Appropriate for the Season.

Some people think that changing your designer rugs at the beginning of every season is exorbitant, but different temperatures really do call for different rugs. Shaggy rugs can warm up your feet in the middle of the year, but flatweave rugs are more appropriate for keeping a cooler indoor climate during the Summer months. If you live in the northern half of Australia, where the weather is consistently warm, you may be able to ignore this point!

  1. Complement the Walls, but Don’t Match Them.

Colour matching your walls and rugs can appear too bold and overbearing. Instead, you should look for complementary colours that are very nearby on the colour wheel.

  1. Always Check the Size.

Measure up your room and ensure the rug will fit in the space. This is one mistake that is made too often!

  1. Don’t Fill the Entire Floor With the Rug.

Your rug shouldn’t fill the entire floor space of the room, otherwise it may as well be a carpet. The purpose of a rug is to be a feature element that acts a statement within the floor area. We recommend laying some sticky/marking tape on the floor to get a true visual idea of how large you want your rug to be.

  1. Patterned Rug, Solid Couch. Solid Rug, Patterned Couch.

If your lounge chairs or couch are patterned, make sure your designer rugs Sydney is a solid colour (and vice versa). This is a golden rule in the interior design world.

  1. Be Careful with White Rugs.

Although white can offer a sense of luxury and elegance, they aren’t the most practical options for families with young (and messy) kids.

  1. Embrace Colours.

In fear of being too bold or adventurous, some people stick to black, brown and grey coloured rugs.  we believe that sensible colours, like pinks or blues, can positively enrich the mood in a room. Don’t be scared!

  1. Consider Circular Rugs.

Rectangular rugs are the most traditional rug shape, however oval and circular rugs are increasing in popularity. Some stylists say that circular rugs are more inviting than their counterparts and best suited to living rooms.

  1. Choose Your Rug First… or Last.

When styling and planning a room from scratch, choosing your outdoor rug before anything else will give you a specific design to work around and ensure the rug is the statement feature. Alternatively, choosing the rug last will allow it to perfectly suit your other styling choices.

  1. Show Your Personality.

Your home should speak volumes about you and your character, so don’t be afraid to choose a rug that you love (even if it breaks any of the above rules)!

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