How to Fix Common Rug Problems: Wrinkles and Fading

Causes of Wrinkles and Creases

Before we dive into the solutions,

  • Improper storage: Storing a rug in a confined space or even folding it for extended periods of time can result to the formation of wrinkles and crease in the rug.
  • Foot traffic: If there is intensive traffic on the rug, it becomes creased due to the shifting that occurs to form wrinkles..
  • Humidity: Relative humidity variations can make the rugs shrink and swell, and thus develop lumps and folds.

Methods for Removing Wrinkles and Creases

  • Vacuum and steam: First, use the vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet area because it effectively suck out all the dirt and debris off the carpet surface. Once done vacuuming, use the steam cleaner to loosen the fibers and to iron out the creases.
  • Heavy objects: To try and solve this problem, one should put books or weights on the wrinkled part in the hope that it will iron the area out.
  • Rug rollers: Use rug rollers
  • Professional cleaning: in cases where the crease and wrinkles are deep-seated, then it might be necessary to seek the service of a professional rug cleaner.

Fading: How to Prevent and Fix

how to restore faded rug


    Methods for Preventing Fading

    To prevent fading, try the following methods:

    • Rotate your rug: Bi-annual or a
    • Use a rug pad:
    • Clean regularly:
    • Use window treatments: use curtain, blinds, or shades which will help in preventing the furniture from being directly exposed to the sunlight and thus fading.
    • Avoid direct heatdo not put your rug on an area that is directly exposed to heat sources such as the electric radiator, heater or near the fire place as this may affect the color and brightness of the rug.

    Methods for Fixing Fading

    If your rug has already started to fade, don't worry! There are still ways to fix it. Try the following methods:

    • Professional cleaning:
    • Rug dyeing:
    • Rug restoration: