What are Machine Washable Rugs and What is Their Benefits?

Any room in the house benefits from the comfort and beauty of rugs. They can, however, sometimes get dirty quite quickly if you're not careful. If you're like me and you simply don't have the time to take your rug to the cleaners then machine washable rugs make maintaining your home that much simpler. You can clean up problems like spilt drinks and everyday household stains in your washing machine by using a washable rug. Our machine washable range is available in many different colours, sizes and designs to fit your needs.

Wait... I Can Put My Rug in the Washing Machine?

Yes! As long as they are machine washable, of course. Machine washable rugs are specifically designed to be washed in the washing machine, as opposed to dry cleaned/steam cleaned and other types of cleaning (you can still dry clean and steam clean). Make sure to read the labels before washing them as they have specific ways of being washed and dried.

What are the Benefits of Machine Washable Rugs?


The main benefit of machine washable rugs is added convenience for busy households while also being durable and easy to maintain. When the rug gets dirty all you have to do is just put it in the washing machine! You may be thinking "How am I going to lift a heavy rug and put it in the machine?". Well we've thought about this and our 'Peri' Machine Washable collection is lightweight to ensure that you are able to easily transport them. This also makes it much easier to move the rug around when vacuuming or if you choose to move the rug to another space. 

No more hassle of organising a day to take your rug to professional cleaners when you can just do it at home!

Easier to Maintain with Kids and Pets

Pets and little children can severely restrict your ability to decorate. Even if it doesn't make the most aesthetic sense, you might need to make sure that any small objects or trinkets are stored on high shelves. Houseplants that could be dangerous and sometimes need to be relocated or kept away from any areas where a curious cat or young child might roam. Additionally, tripping hazards are a severe issue, and rugs can be a huge offender in that regard, particularly if they lack a non-slip rug cushion or backing, luckily our machine washable rugs come with a rubber anti-slip backing which prevents slippage.

Any young child may make a mess, and although you might be sure you won't drop anything on your brand-new rug, you definitely don't trust your toddler who always seems to have something they shouldn't have in their hands. Therefore, machine-washable carpets are the ideal answer. You don't need to worry if your dog tracks in its body weight in mud and rolls all over the carpet - simply throw it in the washing machine as these rugs are usually lightweight. 

They Tend to Be Cheaper

Rugs that can be machine washed don't have to be expensive. Although our peri collection looks opulent and pricey, even in its largest 200x280cm size (it comes in a variety of sizes), it is less expensive than many conventional alternatives. When making significant purchases for your home, it's crucial to take the long-term health of your budget into account.