cozy winter floor rug

In the winter season many households have trouble keeping warm and with the rise of cost of living, particularly electricity bills skyrocketing, it seems that things are getting even trickier for the average person. One might be asking themselves how can I add warmth and a relaxed ambience to my home with as little effort as possible while also saving money over time? Our answer is rugs! A little biased we know but bear with us; you'll soon understand why cozy winter rugs are a great addition to any home.

One of the main reasons rugs are purchased during winter are for the warmth it instantly adds to your desired room. If you are looking for a cozy carpet their thick piles can provide comfort underfoot, and even have the ability to function as an insulating barrier between you and the floor; cold tiles are never fun to walk on. This also has a positive cost impact over time as sometimes you’ll find yourself not needing to turn the heat on, which will effectively save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Furthermore, cozy rugs have a beautiful visual impact, purchasing the right rug can completely change the look of the room. Whether it's matching the right colours or you just love how it looks in your space, rugs can turn your house into a home. Eventually if you somehow get bored of it (which I don't think you will), the nicest thing about adding rugs to your house throughout the winter is how simple it is to roll them up and store them when the seasons change and the days get warmer. By purchasing a cozy rug in Australia from Adore Rugs & Flooring, you may beat the wintertime blues and feel the warmth when winter comes around!

What rugs are best for winter?

Shaggy Rugs

A shaggy rug is a popular choice for living rooms due to its soft texture, cushioned feel underfoot, and the casual, relaxed ambience it produces. There's nothing better than coming home from work after a long winter's day and laying on a soft, warm, shaggy rug. Large shaggy area rugs can add to the insulation of the floor and prevent heat loss. This layer acts as a barrier between your feet and the cold floor, but it may also bring a touch of beauty and warmth to your home, making it seem cozier.

They are also versatile and come in many different sizes and designs. Choosing the right shag rug can completely enhance the aesthetics of your room while being highly durable and warm. The warmth that shaggy rugs add to your floor is another benefit that can sometimes be overlooked, and it's especially helpful in the winter for people with tiles or wooden flooring. If you've had to walk around barefoot on either of those types of flooring during winter then you know exactly what I'm talking about. 

shaggy living room rug

Fluffy Rugs

Fluffy rugs are another type of shag rug but tend to be much softer making them  the perfect cozy rug for winter. Adore Rugs 'heaven', 'marble' and 'paradise' range of fluffy rugs almost feel like you're petting your favourite animal! These rugs are usually best put in the bedroom as they are more suited for lower traffic areas compared to your everyday shag rug. They provide extra comfort and coziness in the bedroom and sometimes you'll be finding yourself laying on them more than your bed.

Fluffy rugs are also perfect for babies or toddlers learning to walk or crawl. Their soft texture and thick piles prevent your child from getting hurt when they inevitably fall!

beige fluffy bedroom rug

Wool Rugs

Wool is a very common natural material and is the perfect material to create cozy rugs for winter. Due to it’s ability to “breathe” wool naturally acts as a means of controlling humidity within the home. As a result a cosier, warmer environment is created as moisture is absorbed when things get damp and dry air is released instead. Furthermore, wool rugs can also be an added bonus during the summer as it traps in the warm air and releases dry cool air. Studies have also shown that wool rugs can reduce the cost for heating and cooling your home by up to 13%, which further reiterates our point we made earlier.

Furthermore, Wool is quite resilient and has a texture that allows it to quickly rebound from crushing or indenting caused by activity or furniture. Because of its innate durability, the rug keeps its newness and freshness for extended periods of time. Wool is also inherently stain- and soil-resistant. In fact, it is more stain resistant than even the best synthetic fibres by more than 30%. Which is why wool rugs can be used as winter outdoor carpets. The wool's outstanding stain resistance is a result of the natural light lanolin that coats its surface. This layer helps to stop soiling from really penetrating the wool and staying there or around the surface. Therefore, spills on wool are quite easy to clean up.

grey wool rug

No matter what type of winter rug you choose Adore Rugs & Flooring has 100s of rugs for sale to match your every need. Whether you want a specific design, colour or size we are your one stop shop for all your rug needs! We also provide hassle free returns and free shipping all over Australia.