The Most Expensive Rugs/Carpets Ever Sold In An Auction

Rugs and carpets are not only functional items that provide comfort and warmth to our homes, but they are also works of art that showcase the rich history and culture of different regions of the world. Some rugs and carpets are so rare and exquisite that they fetch astronomical prices at auctions, making them highly coveted by collectors and connoisseurs. In this blog we will take a look at the most expensive carpets ever sold in an auction, and what makes them so special. Now when you compare our designer Pierre Cardin rugs to these they don't look that pricey anymore!

# 7. The Navajo Blanket - $1.5 million

This Navajo blanket is a rare example of a chief's blanket, which was woven for a Native American leader in the 19th century. The blanket has a simple but elegant design of horizontal stripes in red, black, white, and indigo. The blanket was inherited by Loren Krytzer, who was struggling on $200 a month when he took it to an auction house in California in 2017. He was shocked when the blanket sold for $1.5 million, making him an instant millionaire.

Navajo Rug

# 6. The Safavid Carpet from the Safra Collection - $2.032 million

This 16th century East Persian carpet is a masterpiece of Safavid art, which flourished under the rule of Shah Abbas I (1587-1629). The carpet has a striking design of scrolling vines and flowers on a red ground, with a blue border containing cartouches with inscriptions. The carpet was part of the collection of Edmund Safra, a Brazilian banker and philanthropist, who bought it at Sotheby's in New York in 2005.

one of the most expensive rugs in the world

# 5. The Rothschild Tabriz Medallion Carpet - $2.4 million

The Rothschild Tabriz Medallion Carpet is a 16th century Persian rug from the city of Tabriz, which is one of the oldest rug weaving centers in the world. The carpet has a blue field with palmettes and flowering vines, and a medallion and spandrels with citron motifs that symbolize the moon and the fish. The carpet was looted by the Nazis from the Austrian branch of the Rothschild family during World War II, and was later sold for $2.4 million to Sheikh al-Thani of Qatar. It is now in the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar. The carpet is similar to another Tabriz Medallion Carpet that was sold at Christie’s London in 1999.

rothschild tabriz rug

# 4. The Pearl Carpet of Baroda - $5.45 million

The Pearl Carpet of Baroda is a stunning work of embroidery that was commissioned by Maharaja Khande Rao Gaekwad of Baroda in the 19th century. The carpet is made of silk and fine deer hide, and is adorned with strings of natural Basra pearls and English colored-glass beads. The carpet also features diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds set in gold and silver. The carpet was intended to be a gift for the tomb of Prophet Muhammad in Medina, but it never reached its destination. It was sold by Sotheby's in Doha in 2009.

Pearl Carpet

# 3. The Mughal Star Lattice Carpet - $7.7 million

This early 18th century North Indian carpet is one of the finest examples of Mughal art, which blended Persian and Indian influences. The carpet has a mesmerizing design of stars and flowers on a dark blue ground, with a red border containing palmettes and vines. The carpet was sold by Christie's in London in 2013 for $7.7 million making it one of the most expensive carpets and setting a new world record for an Indian carpet.

Mughal Rug

# 2. The Kirman Vase Carpet - $9.6 million

This 17th century Persian carpet is one of the rarest and most beautiful carpets in the world. It has a unique design of vases filled with flowers on a red ground, with a yellow border containing animals and birds. The carpet is also remarkable for its excellent condition and vibrant colors, which have been preserved for over three centuries. The carpet was sold by Christie's in London in 2010 for $9.6 million.

Kirman Vase Rug

# 1. The Clark Sickle Leaf Rug - $33.8 million

The Clark Sickle Leaf Rug is the most expensive rug in the world sold at an auction, as well as the most expensive work of Islamic art ever auctioned. It holds two world records for these achievements. The rug is a 17th century Persian masterpiece that has a dazzling design of sickle-shaped leaves and flowers on a red ground, with a blue border containing cartouches with inscriptions. The rug was once owned by William A Clark, an American entrepreneur and art collector, who donated it to the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington DC. The rug was sold by Sotheby's in New York in 2013 for $33.8 million.

As you can see, these rugs/carpets are not only valuable for their materials and craftsmanship, but also for their historical and cultural significance. They represent the artistic achievements of different civilizations and eras, and they reflect the tastes and preferences of their owners and buyers.

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