rug styling tips
  1. Keep your eye out for sales – homewares and home décor items typically go on sale at the end of seasons and around the end-of-year festive period.
  2. Extend rugs underneath the furniture in your dining room, living room and bedroom – this will help the rug to look bigger and unify the elements of the room.
  3. Choose pile height according to location and purpose – a shaggy rug can provide extra comfort in a lounge room, whereas a designer rugs Sydney can be easier to clean in a high-traffic setting.
  4. Opt for patterns and dark shades if you think your rug will be subject to dirt and grime – patterns and darker colours will help to hide the dirt.
  5. Think beyond squares and rectangles – round rugs are becoming a popular choice to go underneath coffee tables and bed frames.
  6. Consider what vibe you want to create in your home – traditional rugs can offer homely comfort, but modern rugs can ensure contemporary style and flair.
  7. Be eclectic, but not overwhelming – geometric rugs are ideal when trying to create an eclectic and eccentric atmosphere, however you should take care not to over-fill your room and complicate the scene.
  8. Buy your rug first or last – rugs can have an enormous impact on the overall aesthetic of your room, so either purchase the rug before any other furniture and build the scheme based on the rug, or purchase the rug last with the intention of having it complement its surrounds.
  9. Don’t be afraid to layer it up – rug layering can offer a unique aesthetic, so long as the two rugs fall into the same scheme.
  10. Use rugs in your hallways and foyers – these areas are often neglected, but can certainly benefit from a welcoming rug.
  11. Allow your rugs to create defined zones – especially in an open plan home, rugs can help to define areas and create boundaries.
  12. Neutral shades are timeless and stylish – if you can’t choose between colours, neutral shades are a safe choice.
  13. Swap your rugs when the season changes – a new season brings a new mood with it, so alter your rugs accordingly.
  14. Go non-slip to avoid disasters – most households will benefit from anti-slip rugs, especially for kids rugs. Alternatively, anti slip underlays are a highly popular way of ensuring that your rug stays put, increasing safety and comfort around the house.
  15. Always measure your room before making a purchase – think about how you will position your rug and whether there will be a margin between the rug edge and any walls.
  16. Prioritise style as much as practicality– it’s important that you purchase a quality, designer rugs as it will be something you see every day and can have a huge impact on the overall impression of a room. Pierre Cardin rug are a popular choice of designer rug.
  17. Go above and beyond the floor – wall hanging rugs are the latest art trend.
  18. Rugs and pillows are best mates – if you get excited about matching items, then try to have couch or bed pillow complementing the rug.
  19. Seek inspiration from local rug shops and online rug stores – window shopping can give you all the ideas you need to implement in your own home.
  20. Get expert advice – best rug store near me are always happy to offer styling advice, so don’t hesitate if you need free advice.

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