Do You Need a Rug Pad? Here's 5 Reasons Why Rug Pads are Essential

A rug pad is an often overlooked but incredibly important accessory for your rugs online. While a rug may add beauty and comfort to your space, a rug pad provides numerous practical benefits that will help to extend the life of your rug and protect your floors. In this blog, we will explore the many reasons why a rug pad such as Adore Rugs anti-slip 100 is essential for any rug.

Why Do I Need a Rug Pad?

1. Prevents Slippage

The first and most important reason for purchasing a rug pad is to keep your rug from slipping. This is especially critical for big area rugs, which tend to migrate and bunch up in high-traffic areas. A rug pad can help you avoid injury by keeping your rug from slipping and sliding around on the floor. When a rug moves, it can create a tripping hazard, causing individuals to trip and fall.

This is especially risky for small children, the elderly, and those with mobility impairments. You can keep your rug securely in place and prevent it from rolling about by using a rug pad, which can assist to lessen the danger of tripping.

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2. Adds an Extra Layer

In addition to preventing slippage, a rug pad provides a cushioning effect for your rug. This added layer of padding will make your rug softer and more comfortable to walk on, providing an extra level of comfort and luxury to your space. This cushioning effect is especially important for thin or flat rugs, as it will help to add some plushness and depth to the rug. Furthermore, the padding of the rug pad will help to absorb the impact of footsteps, reducing wear and tear on the rug and prolonging its life.

The added layer also acts as cushioning which can help to soften the impact if someone does happen to fall on the rug. This can help to reduce the severity of any potential injuries, especially for injury prone people like young children and the elderly.

3. Prevents Scratches

A rug pad also protects your floors from scratches, dents, and other damage that your rug may cause. The rug pad's padding will function as a buffer between the rug and the floor, cushioning the floor from the rug's weight and movement. This is especially crucial for hard surfaces like hardwood, tile, and stone, which may be easily scratched or damaged by a heavy rug. A rug pad will assist in uniformly distributing the weight of the rug, decreasing strain on any one place and protecting your flooring from harm.

4. Extends Life of Your Rug

Aside from these practical benefits, a rug pad provides a number of other advantages. A rug cushion, for example, can assist to extend the life of your rug by adding an extra layer of protection. This is especially crucial in high-traffic areas where rugs are prone to wear and damage. You may help to extend the life of your rug and keep it looking like new for longer by using a rug pad.

5. Improves Appearance of Your Rug

Using our first few points as reference, they can also help improve the look of the rug.

A rug pad may enhance the appearance of a rug in a variety of ways. For starters, the cushions can keep your rug from slipping and sliding about on the floor, which can cause it to bunch up or wrinkle. This might make your carpeting appear dishevelled. You can keep your rug securely in place and prevent it from rolling about by using a rug pad, which may assist to retain its smooth, clean appearance.

Second, it might aid to preserve your rug's underside from damage and wear. The underside of a rug can get worn and frayed from rubbing against the floor over time, making it appear old and shabby. You can preserve the underside of your rug and keep it looking new and fresh for longer by using a rug pad.

Finally, they can give additional padding and support, which can aid in the preservation of your rug's form. This will keep your rug from becoming deformed and lumpy, which will make it less appealing. Overall, a rug pad may assist in keeping your rug appearing nice, tidy, and appealing.

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Does a Rug Pad Need to Be the Same Size as the Rug?

Yes, when choosing a rug pad make sure it is the same size or as close as possible to the rug. It is important to use a rug pad that is the same or a similar size as the rug so that it covers the entire surface area of the rug and provides adequate support and protection.

Using a rug pad that is too small or too large can cause the rug to slip or move around, which as we've come to know from this blog it can be a major tripping hazard and possibly damage your flooring. It is important to carefully measure the size of your rug and choose a rug pad that is the same size to ensure the best possible fit and performance. 

For example at Adore Rugs our rug pad's come in at 70 x 140cm for a 80 x 150cm rug, 110 x 160cm for a 120 x 170cm rug, 150 x 220cm for a 160 x 230cm rug and 190 x 280 for a 200 x 290cm rug. By being a few centimetres shorter than the rug it allows the rug pad to not be visible but still be able to stop the rug from moving around.

If you're confused as to where to buy rug pads and what size you need then Adore Rugs has got you covered. Our anti-slip 100 is the perfect rug pad that will meet your needs, for sizing advice feel free to contact us.