Your Guide on Choosing the Perfect Rug Size for Your Home

After a lot of contemplation you are now finally ready to buy a rug, it's time to complete the missing piece of your newly decorated home. However, the only thing on your mind right now is "what size rug should I get?". Well, the size of your rug depends on a number of factors including; the shape of the room, the size of the room, your personal preference and how much of the floor you want to cover. Whether it's a rug for the bedroom, living room, the kitchen or the outdoors Adore rugs and flooring has you covered.

Below we've created some illustrations and noted down general guidelines to help make your selection easier. 

What Size Rug Should I Get for My Bedroom?

It is vastly overlooked but a rug can make all the difference for the aesthetics of your bedroom. Depending on the look you are going for we have 100s of different rugs to choose from for the bedroom. If you are looking for a classical theme with bold patterns our classic range will be a great fit or if you prefer something plain, soft and fluffy our heaven and paradise collections will be perfect! 

Great now that you've selected your rug what size should you get? The size of your rug highly depends on where you will be placing the rug. For the following illustrations please keep in mind that we are using a queen bed as an example, the rug sizes stated usually also work well with every other bed size but if you do have any questions feel free to chat to us directly. 

Beside the Bed

Placing a rug beside your bed is a great idea and can really liven up the mood of the room. Who doesn't love waking up and resting their feet on a nice soft rug?

If you would like to place a rug beside your bed, an 80x150cm or 120x170cm rug would be a good size as it doesn’t take much room in width and it's long enough to cover most of the length of your bed. If you have the bed in the middle of the room you can place one on both sides. 



Underneath the Bed

There are two ways you can place your rug underneath your bed.

1. Directly underneath: Usually you'd do this if you want to protect your flooring. Keep in mind that doing it with this method usually covers majority of the rug. Therefore I'd recommend a rug that doesn't have too much patterns as there is no point covering it up. Adore Rug's heaven, paradise, lima and softtouch collections would be perfect for this sort of placement. 

For this a 160x230cm or 200x290cm rug would be a good size (depending on your bed size) 


2. Placing the rug horizontally: This method is usually done for aesthetic purposes as you will be able to see majority of the rug, this way you can get rugs with patterns to match the rest of your decor.  Again, usually for this a 160x230cm rug or a 200x290cm rug will be a good fit. If you want to cover a larger area you can opt for the 240x340cm or 300x400cm


What Size Rug Should I Get for My Living Room?

For smaller living rooms particularly in apartments we usually recommend a 160x230cm, or 200x290cm rug depending on the size of your living room. Both sizes work well with a 3 and 2 seater or 3 and 1 seater L shape lounges.

         160x230 living room rug guide

200x290 living room rug guide

For bigger living rooms mainly one that have open living spaces a 200x290cm, 240x340cm and 300x400cm rug size would be usually ideal.

What Size Rug Should I Get for My Dining Table?

You’ve just bought the perfect dining table for your home and now all that’s left is finding the perfect size rug online to put underneath your dining table. So what size should you get? You've guessed it and I know it's been a common theme across this article but the size of the dining rug will depend on how much space you want to cover and the size of your dining table.

2 and 4 seater dining table

As these dining tables are usually quite small a 160x230cm rug can be enough to cover everything, this size will ensure that all the legs of your chairs will stay on the rug when they're pulled out.

4 seater dining table 160x230 rug size guide

You can also place a 120x170cm rug in some instances however keep in mind the back legs of your chairs will not be on the rug when you are seated. 

4 seater dining table rug size guide

6 seater dining table

Our recommendation for a 6 seater dining table is a 200x290cm rug. When pulling  the chairs out both legs of the chair will be on the rug, this will allow for a more comfortable dining experience. The proportions of the rug and the proportions of the dining table usually match better compared to other sizes.

6 seater dining table 200x290 rug size guide

 A 160x230cm rug can also suffice but keep in mind when pulling the chairs out to sit and eat only the front two legs will be on the rug, this usually isn’t a problem if a rug has a low pile height but can be uncomfortable with a high pile rug, so make sure you keep that in mind.

6 seater dining table 160x230 rug size guide

If you have a larger dining room and want to cover more of your floors, you can consider a 240x340cm size rug. A point to note, however, this can look disproportionate depending on the dimensions of your dining table and the size of the room. 

6 seater dining table 240x340 rug size guide

8 and 10 Seater dining tables

For your larger dining tables we would recommend opting for a 240x340cm or 300x400cm rug. In both instances the legs of the chairs should be on the rug when pulled out.

10 seater dining table 240x340 rug size guide10 seater dining table 300x400 rug size guide